Upcoming Events



We're coming up on trade show season! Look for our booth at one of the following events this winter, we look forward to connecting with you at an event in your area:  


Potato Expo 2024 - Austin, TX, January 10-11, 2024

The potato industry's largest annual gathering takes place in Austin this year, put on by the National Potato Council. Sustainability is an emerging topic. 


USCC COMPOST2024 - Daytona Beach, FL, February 6-9, 2024:

The US Composting Council's premier event keeps getting larger in numbers and scope. We'll be contributing to educational presentations on soil biology and bio-composting solutions, and running the first-ever compost extract demonstration on the final day. 


Marbleseed Organic Farming Conference - LaCrosse, WI, February 22-24, 2024: 

Hiwassee Products is a proud supporter and sponsor of Marbleseed's efforts to foster education and networking around regenerative farming, particularly in the Midwest. 


Past Events


ACRES USA Eco-Ag ConferenceCovington, KY, December 4-7, 2023: 

The hPack Mobile Microscopy Kit took the stage at Acres Eco-Ag to accompany a presentation on soil microbiology by Dr. James White of Rutgers University along with John Duke and Ruben Parilla of NOFA / Mass. Shout-out to Mike Thomas of LW Scientific, who joined our exhibit team to talk about the benefits of the LW microscope models we've chosen to include in the kit. 


ACRES USA Healthy Soil Summit - Seaside, CA, August 23-24, 2023: 

The fifth annual Healthy Soil Summit put on by Acres USA was as successful and inspiring as anticipated. Fabulous keynote from Ray Archuleta as well as an inspiring visit to Paicines Ranch highlighted two full days of quality educational talks and networking opportunities. 

 Healthy Soil Summit - Acres USA 


43rd annual EcoFarm Conference - Monterey, CA, January 19-20, 2023:

We enjoyed exhibiting and building connections right on the Pacific Coast! We spoke to many smaller-scale growers and dozens of advocates and organizations looking to rebuild ecological connections in agriculture - in this case, mostly mixed vegetables or specialty crops such as fruits and nuts. 

Learn more at https://eco-farm.org/conference.


We had a great time at the Acres USA Eco-Ag Conference and Trade Show on December 6-8 in Covington, KY. Our booth received a lot of interest and engagement from growers, consultants and advocates for regenerative growing systems. We even won a $200 gift card to White Oak Pastures at a raffle courtesy of our next-door exhibitors, Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health!

Keynote speakers David Montgomery and Anne Bikle described the importance of soil biology in agricultural production and human health systems, which they discuss in their new book, What Your Food Ate. We enjoyed interacting with other likeminded presenters, exhibitors and attendees, such as Rick Clark, Mark Shepard, AgriBio, microBIOMETER, NCAT/ATTRA, and the staff of Acres USA.



The 21st annual Vermiculture Conference hosted by Dr. Rhonda Sherman at North Carolina State University on October 22-23, 2022, was an excellent educational and networking event around vermicomposting. Presentations included deep dives into the beneficial chemical and biological composition of vermicompost, descriptions of vermicomposting and worm breeding operations, and the benefits and applications of pre-composting and producing compost tea.
Event website: https://composting.ces.ncsu.edu/vermiculture-conference-2/

Here are our takeaways from the event. 



Hiwassee Products’ Jesse Wiser attended the American Community Garden Association’s annual conference in New Orleans on October 6-7, 2022. It was an enjoyable gathering of community gardeners and advocates sharing ideas, practices, and visions. Jesse delivered a presentation on the soil ecosystem and smaller-scale versions of regenerative practices that improve soil biology, including the Johnson-Su bioreactor system, vermicomposting, compost extract / tea production, and homemade biochar.