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Hiwassee Products

Hiwassee Products is dedicated to revitalizing the biological vibrancy of our soil by producing innovative equipment solutions for growers, ranchers, landscapers, and caretakers. Our products are superbly engineered to deliver the best results available in the field, and we are proud to work with a network of visionary stewards around the world to regenerate the land, our climate, biodiversity, human health, and economic vitality.



We asked Soil Foodweb Inc. to design and conduct a study evaluating the effectiveness of the Hiwassee Products Bio-Extractor at extracting biology from compost. They ran 10lb batches of compost through the Bio-Extractor at five different auger speeds and extracted a batch of compost using the brewer method as a control. The concentration of microorganisms in the different extract batches was determined using the Soil Foodweb microscopy method. In addition, the concentration of microorganisms in the input compost was compared to the spent compost to calculate the expected extract concentration. The expected concentration was compared to the actual extract concentration to evaluate the extractor’s ability to extract viable microorganisms.

Here are the results of the study summarized

  • Depending on the auger speed, the Bio-Extractor is as efficient or more efficient than the brewer method.
  • Lower auger speeds are more efficient at extracting biology, but higher speeds yield more concentrated extract, so the optimal speed depends on the intended application.
  • Extract from the Bio-Extractor contained more biology than was predicted by analyzing the compost before and after extraction, sometimes resulting in experimental efficiency of over 100%.


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Regenerative agriculture farm using minimal or no till practices for weed suppression.  Cover cropping is used between the vegetable rows

Understanding Soil Health

Hiwassee Products designs and manufactures high-quality systems for producing and applying vermicompost and liquid biological amendments for the restoration and revitalization of soil ecosystems. These systems can be adapted to any size of operation in a broad range of functions, especially agricultural crop production and landscaping, but also livestock pastures, facilities maintenance, and environmental reclamation projects.

test soil for a health microbiological ecosystem.  Microbial communities in the rhizosphere or root base strengthen plants


Join us in learning from soil health advocates worldwide, through attending events and direct conversations. Hear first-hand accounts from those who have chosen to use our equipment in the regeneration of their own soils, and find out how it can work for you!