Educational Materials from Hiwassee Products:

Bio-Extractor Sediment & Biological Report for new Metering System - analysis of the screen options and the affect on sediment load and extraction efficiencies. 

Simple Yet Powerful – article describing a compost extract system published by Acres USA, March 2023

Sports Turf Care Project – Soil Foodweb School soil biology research project by Simeon Kleinsasser

YouTube channel – stay tuned for more educational and practical videos

Hiwassee Extractor Efficiency Report

We asked Soil Foodweb Inc. to design and conduct a study evaluating the effectiveness of the Hiwassee Products Bio-Extractor at extracting biology from compost. They ran 10lb batches of compost through the Bio-Extractor at five different auger speeds and extracted a batch of compost using the brewer method as a control. The concentration of microorganisms in the different extract batches was determined using the Soil Foodweb microscopy method. In addition, the concentration of microorganisms in the input compost was compared to the spent compost to calculate the expected extract concentration. The expected concentration was compared to the actual extract concentration to evaluate the extractor’s ability to extract viable microorganisms.

The results of the study are summarized below. For more information: Read the Full Report

  • Depending on the auger speed, the Bio-Extractor is as efficient or more efficient than the brewer method.
  • Lower auger speeds are more efficient at extracting biology, but higher speeds yield more concentrated extract, so the optimal speed depends on the intended application.
  • Extract from the Bio-Extractor contained more biology than was predicted by analyzing the compost before and after extraction, sometimes resulting in experimental efficiency of over 100%.

Courses and Programs:

Dr. Elaine (Ingham)’s Soil Foodweb School – the gold standard for soil biology and microscopy analysis

Simple Soil Solutions – learn how to apply soil biology within grazing management from Vail Dixon 



Farm Green Consulting – practical advice from Indiana farmer Rick Clark, one of the best to integrate regenerative principles into large-scale row crop growing

Red Mountain Soil Ecology - Matt Ball operates an independent biology verification lab in addition to serving as Director of Industry Development for the US Composting Council 

Soil Life Organics - Allen Skinner offers on-farm consulting, based in Jacksonville, FL 


Applicable Field Research:

Biological Tools for Golf Turf Management - Paul Wagner takes soil biology to the green 

Farmland Information Center case studies - Small farms save money by transitioning to regenerative practices! 


Vermicomposting Resources:

The Worm Farmer’s Handbook by Dr. Rhonda Sherman – our go-to vermicomposting guide from the industry expert

 The Urban Worm Company, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm and Meme’s Wormsgood sources of worms and supplies for small to mid-scale operations 

The Vermi-Microbiome Project - Dr. Zack Jones (Aggrego Data) uses cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology to analyze the microbial profile of a wide range of vermicompost products, as well as compost extracts and teas, to demonstrate expectations of desired results 


Organizations to Support (yes, we’re members):

United States Composting Council – leaders in converting organic waste to farm gold

Marbleseed – the Midwest’s leader in organic education and farmer advancement

Georgia Organics – one of the premier state-level proponents of food health and accessibility

American Community Gardening Association – national synergy of local gardening efforts


Magazines and Publications:

Acres USA – regenerative agriculture’s top educational organization offers a monthly magazine, bookstore, and multiple annual conferences  

Stockman Grass Farmer – cutting edge practices from leading ranching innovators