Educational Materials from Hiwassee Products:

Simple Yet Powerful – article describing a compost extract system published by Acres USA, March 2023

Sports Turf Care Project – Soil Foodweb School soil biology research project by Simeon Kleinsasser

YouTube channel – stay tuned for more educational and practical videos


Courses and Programs:

Dr. Elaine (Ingham)’s Soil Foodweb School – the gold standard for soil biology and microscopy analysis

Simple Soil Solutions – learn how to apply soil biology within grazing management from Vail Dixon 



Farm Green Consulting – practical advice from Indiana farmer Rick Clark, one of the best to integrate regenerative principles into large-scale row crop growing

Red Mountain Soil Ecology - Matt Ball operates an independent biology verification lab in addition to serving as Director of Industry Development for the US Composting Council 

Soil Life Organics - Allen Skinner offers on-farm consulting, based in Jacksonville, FL 


Applicable Field Research:

Biological Tools for Golf Turf Management - Paul Wagner takes soil biology to the green 

Farmland Information Center case studies - Small farms save money by transitioning to regenerative practices! 


Vermicomposting Resources:

The Worm Farmer’s Handbook by Dr. Rhonda Sherman – our go-to vermicomposting guide from the industry expert

 The Urban Worm Company, Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm and Meme’s Wormsgood sources of worms and supplies for small to mid-scale operations 

The Vermi-Microbiome Project - Dr. Zack Jones (Aggrego Data) uses cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology to analyze the microbial profile of a wide range of vermicompost products, as well as compost extracts and teas, to demonstrate expectations of desired results 


Organizations to Support (yes, we’re members):

United States Composting Council – leaders in converting organic waste to farm gold

Marbleseed – the Midwest’s leader in organic education and farmer advancement

Georgia Organics – one of the premier state-level proponents of food health and accessibility

American Community Gardening Association – national synergy of local gardening efforts


Magazines and Publications:

Acres USA – regenerative agriculture’s top educational organization offers a monthly magazine, bookstore, and multiple annual conferences  

Stockman Grass Farmer – cutting edge practices from leading ranching innovators