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VermiFlow CFT

VermiFlow CFT

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VermiFlow is a continuous flow through vermicomposting system. Compostable material is loaded from the top, and finished vermicompost is harvested into collecting pans underneath by running a blade across the aluminum grate using a cordless drill. 


• Capacity: 14 cubic feet of compost
• Weight when empty: 90 lbs
• Bin inside dimensions: 40" x 25½" x 25½"
• Over-all dimensions: 26" x 43.5" x 46.5"


• Continuous Flow Through (CFT) system allows frequent harvesting of vermicompost.
• VermiFlow has a compact footprint and can operate in corner spaces.
• The bin is constructed of lightweight, cleanable aluminum composite.


• The VermiFlow ships via standard package delivery service, making this bin accessible to everyone. Assembly is quick and easy - see the assembly video below 


• Your investment in a VermiFlow CFT pays off faster than you ever imagined! Adjust the figures and run the calculations in our ROI Calculator 

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Why Vermicompost?

When an earthworm digests organic and inorganic materials, its gut microbiome inoculates vermicompost with a host of beneficial microbes. These in turn produce humic and fulvic acids, phenolic compounds and growth-regulating hormones which are vital for plant health.

Plants grown with vermicompost or vermicompost extract are healthier, more nutrient-dense, and better able to resist pests and diseases. Vermicompost is also infused with sticky substances that help form soil into aggregated particles, promoting oxygen flow and water retention in the root zone.