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Bulk Vermicompost

Bulk Vermicompost

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Discover the power of bio-extraction with a 2,250 lb bag of OMRI-certified premium vermicompost. Optimized for maximum nutrient yield, this vermicompost maximizes extraction efficiency. 

Aside from compost extraction, vermicompost is a superb natural fertilizer that enriches any soil and can be used in various applications. 


  • Bag Size: 47" x 47" x 56"
  • Weight: 2,250 pounds 


  • A single bag of premium vermicompost is priced at 60 cents per pound. However, if you would like to purchase multiple bags, you may be able to save even more with bulk pricing. Give us a call to inquire further at (423)453-4282


  • Ships directly from our OMRI-listed supplier 

Guaranteed Quality:

  • This product is rigorously tested to ensure it meets the highest standards, giving you confidence in its effectiveness. If you want to verify the quality, we will provide a test from the same batch of vermicompost that we ship to you. Give us a call at (423) 453-4282 to request a vermicompost test. 

Revitalize your soil health. Order today for a vibrant future.

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