hPACK Soil Lab Solutions

This line of modular testing equipment includes everything needed to perform on-farm testing in a tidy, compact kit. The rugged cases protect sensitive equipment when traveling over rough terrain. The mobile cart unfolds into a clean workspace, comprising a setup that is effective in a lab or on a barn floor.

Soil microbiology cycles nutrients, breaks down and incorporates organic matter, and forms soil aggregates. Biological farmers have many tools to evaluate the effectiveness of soil management practices. The most important of these is the microscope, which enables direct observation of even the smallest bacteria and fungi spores. Owning your own microscope allows you to monitor changes in your soil, compost or amendments to ensure you are making the right decisions, without the delay of sending samples to a lab.

"I am impressed by Hiwassee's h-PACK Mobile Microscopy Kit. I had the opportunityto use this mobile microscopy kit to examine soil and plant microbes at arecent ACRES meeting. The microscope was highly portable and easy to use. Theimages that we projected onto a large screen were of a high quality andresolution. I recommend this microscope to anyone that needs affordable and mobile microscopy equipment." - Dr. James White, Rutgers University

This mobile soil lab can be tailored to your preference. Select either the Basic or Premium Kit. If these options are not quite right, choose from the collection of equipment and accessories to build a kit that works for you

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Unsure what to include?

We want to help you assemble a hPACK that is tailored for you. Our Technical Support will help answer your questions or build you a personal quote.

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