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Continuous Flow Bio-Extractor

Continuous Flow Bio-Extractor

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 Product Highlights

  • Continuous Flow Rate: 700 GPH
  • Electrical:
    • Single 120-volt outlet
    • UL Listed Control¬†Panel
  • Dimensions: 30W x 48L x 70H inches
    • Fits through a standard door
    • 340¬†pounds
  • Hopper Volume: 15 gallons
    • Approximately 50 pounds of biologically complete compost
  • Material: Stainless Steel construction
  • High-Quality Components
    • Grundfos booster pump
    • Liberty outflow pump
    • Two Bodine gear motors
    • Durable stainless casters
  • Functionality
    • Variable speed auger to control the concentration of extract
    • Proven through extensive product trials
    • Exceptional cleanability
  • Manufactured and Assembled in Madisonville, Tennessee¬†
  • Comes with Standard Screen: 40 Mesh. Alternative Bio-Extractor Screen options are available HERE

Drawing on research and successful implementation of soil microbial-enhancing systems developed in the past several decades, Hiwassee Products offers a continuous-flow biological compost extractor. Durable casters make this unit easily movable, and the compact frame conveniently fits through any standard door. Unlike other extractors requiring an industrial grade 230-volt electrical connection, a single 115/120-volt electric feed is all that is needed to power our Bio-Extractor. The stainless-steel construction and high-quality components combined with expert workmanship, provide unmatched strength and durability.
Did we mention continual flow?
Many existing extraction systems force air through water to loosen microbiology from bulk compost. This aeration process stimulates microbial activity, limiting the shelf life of the liquid extract. The Hiwassee Bio-Extractor augers composted materials through a water jet system, rinsing microbiology into a non-aerated extract. Since this process runs continuously, there are no built-in volume constraints. Initial trials have produced up to 5,500 gallons of extract from 1,100 pounds of sifted vermicompost at a continuous rate of 700 gallons per hour at 40 psi. The built-in self-sanitize cycle makes cleaning the machine quick, easy, and efficient.
To achieve a biologically complete extract, the input material must be biologically complete. Water quality will need to be uncontaminated and suitable for irrigation. Every component of the Bio-Extractor has been designed to protect microbiology during the extraction and liquid transfer processes. Best of all, there is no waste from the extraction process as the solid byproducts can be recycled into a composting system or used for high-quality potting soil.

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Warranty Information

Hiwassee Products warrants that for 2 years from the date of shipment or 2,000 hours, whichever occurs first, the Continuous Flow Bio-Extractor will be free from material defects in material and workmanship under normal use and regular service.

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