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3-Drawer Accessories Case

3-Drawer Accessories Case

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Maximize your hPACK with our Three-Drawer Case – the perfect addition for streamlined soil lab work. Customizable accessory options ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips. This versatile storage solution will efficiently organize your lab essentials and elevate your experience.

3-Drawer Box (FT38)


Includes all the equipment needed to conduct a microscopy assessment of soil, compost, and extract following the Soil Food Web School microscopy protocol.

Automatic Pipettes - ISO 8655 Calibrated, Autoclavable  

These pipettes add efficiency and accuracy to your lab by allowing you to accurately create your dilutions with the simple press of a button. They have a 0-10 ml capacity and are accurate to .01 of a ml. These pipettes are a game changer when running multiple samples through your lab. View Product Manual 

Accessories Include: 

    • (Qty: 3) 1-10 ml single-channel pipettes (LJ48)
    • (Qty: 3)  10 ml pipette tips (AY47)
    • (Qty: 2) Windproof lighters
    • (Qty: 4) 1-oz dropper bottles (WT14)
    • (Qty: 4) Objective lens holders 
    • (Qty: 2) Packs of 72 blank microscope slides 1" x 3" (DY14)
    • (Qty: 4) Packs of 100 coverslips 18mm x 18mm (HD24) 
    • (Qty: 3) Boxes of 280 sheets of lint-free lens paper (DC38)
    • (Qty: 2) Z-shaped text tube stands, 17mm x 25 holes on each (DH24)
    • (Qty: 50) 3-ml disposable pipettes (BP12) 
    • (Qty: 40) 15 ml graduated test tube with 1 ml markings on the tip.
    • (Qty: 1) Pipette calibration accessories
    • (Qty: 1) 10ft 8-outlet extension cord
    • (Qty: 1) 45-in-one microscope tool kit

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