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Combi Accessories Case

Combi Accessories Case

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The Combi Case keeps your microscope accessories and soil analyisis equipment safe and organized. The custom molded foam in the top compartment protects the camera, epifluorescence module, beakers and wash bottles. The rest of the equipment is stored in the drawer below.

Combi Box (WE36)



Accessories Include: 

    • (Qty: 2) 500ml plastic beakers (AQ93)
    • (Qty: 2) 250ml plastic beakers (SE99)
    • (Qty: 2) 500ml plastic wash bottles (IB56)
    • (Qty: 4) 500ml plastic reagent bottles (UQ23)
    • (Qty: 2) Packs of 10 scalpel blades (PJ27)
    • (Qty: 6) Spatula scoops (JJ19) 
    • (Qty: 1) Pack of 10 scalpel blades (PJ27)
    • (Qty: 1) Microscope power cord and accessories 
    • (Qty: 1) USB adaptor cord for GU39 camera option 
    • (Qty: 1) EpiFlourcence power cord if the ET13 option is selected
    • (Qty: 1) Power cord for UF28 camera option 
    • (Qty: 1) HDMI cord for UF28 camera option 
    • (Qty: 1) 3.0 USB cord for UF28 camera option 
    • (Qty: 1) 32 GB USB stick for UF28 camera option 
    • (Qty: 1) 220-gram digital scale and calibration weight (DL58) 
    • (Qty: 1) Scalpel handle (BK39)
    • (Qty: 1) Stage micrometer (TA46)
    • (Qty: 1) Cleaning Kit
      • Qty: 1) 1-oz bottle of lens cleaning fluid (LS48)
      • (Qty: 1) 2-oz bottle of lens cleaner (MK62)
      • (Qty: 1) Tube of Micro-glide lubricant (DK20)
      • (Qty: 1) Dust brush (MM95)
      • (Qty: 1) Rocket duster (RS95)
      • (Qty: 1) Microfiber cleaning cloth (OE54)
      • (Qty: 1) Pack of 100 Q-Tips (CL54)

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