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Microscopy Dye Kit

Microscopy Dye Kit

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Our Dye Kit for Microscopy is your all-in-one solution for precise and efficient sample preparation. These dyes are used to further explore the relationship between plants and microbes within your own lab.

You will want these dye solutions the next time you prepare a sample - add them to your hPACK setup. 

Dye Kit includes: 

    • Bromothymol Blue (5 g): Used to detect Nitrates around microbes. Nitrate is indicated by a blue or purple color around the bacteria.
    • Acetone (6 x 500ml): Used to prepare a working solution for use with Fluoresceein diacetate. 
    • Fluoresceein diacetate (5g): Used to determine which organisms are active vs dormant under a microscope. Active organisms will fluoresce under a UV light. 
    • Sigma Fast BCIP/ NBT (5 Tablets): Used to detect Superoxides. Visualized as a blue to purple color when in association with microbes. 
    • Potassium phosphate dibasic (100 g): Used to prepare working solution for use with Fluoresceein diacetate.
    • Potassium phosphate monobasic (500 g): Used to prepare working solution for use with Fluoresceein diacetate.

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