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LUMIN FITC Epi-Module (485/510nm) for i4 Infinity Microscope

LUMIN FITC Epi-Module (485/510nm) for i4 Infinity Microscope

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Discover the world of fluorescence microscopy with the Epi Lumin Module, featuring integrated LED technology for superior optical quality. 

This fluorescence module pairs with the i4 Infinity Microscope. Use our Dye Kit to enhance the viewing experience. 

Integrated LED Technology: The Epi Lumin Fluorescence Module integrates cutting-edge LED technology, providing superior clarity for fluorescence microscopy like never before.
Safe and Compact: Designed with safety in mind, the Epi Lumin Module is compact and easy to install on many existing infinity microscopes. Enhance your lab setup without compromising on safety or space.
Seamless Integration: Effortlessly install the module on a variety of existing infinity microscopes, making it a versatile and adaptable addition to your laboratory equipment.
Breakthrough: Representing a breakthrough in affordable fluorescence advances, the Epi Lumin Module brings cutting-edge technology to laboratories worldwide, ensuring accessibility without compromising quality.
Unbeatable Price: Experience unparalleled optical quality at an unbeatable price point. The Epi Lumin Module offers exceptional value without compromising on performance.

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hPACK Kit Reference Number: ET13

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